About me

My name is Joan Sol Roo, and I am a post-doctoral researcher in Computer Science. I am interested in novel technologies, particularly related to mixed reality and ubiquitous computing, and their applications on art, games, education, and well-being. My main motivation is to enrich the physical world with the digital one, keeping the focus on what makes us human.

I performed my doctoral studies at Bordeaux (France), working as part of the Inria – Potioc team. During the 3 years of the PhD, I focused on the creation of spatially augmented reality applications (that is, creating augmented reality experiences without the need to instrument the user); in most cases, this augmentation was implemented using projectors. You can learn more about my PhD here.

After the PhD, I stayed at Saarland University (Germany) for a year, working at the Human-Computer Interaction Lab, researching novel interaction and fabrication techniques for wearable computing.

Currently, I am a post-doc researcher at Inria – Potioc (France) working in collaboration with Ullo, with the objective of creating deployable technologies for well-being and human-human interaction.